Closing Date: 31st May 2024
Healthcare Resource Officer

Employment Type: Volunteer

TransActual are looking for directors to join our board on a voluntary basis. We’ve decided to expand the size of our board of directors in order to make it more representative of the communities we serve and so that there are more people to support the work of our growing organisation. In particular, we’re keen to receive applications from Black trans people and trans People of Colour.

The specific role(s) of our new director(s) will depend on their skills, knowledge and experience. We’re looking for reliable people who are able to think strategically and contribute ideas for the ongoing development of our non-profit organisation. As a trans led and run organisation, it’s essential for all of our directors to have an in-depth understanding of trans people’s lived experiences.

Accessibility is important to TransActual, so please be assured that we’ll do what we can to meet any access needs you might have – both for the application and interview process and on an ongoing basis if you join our board.

1. Read the recruitment pack
2. Complete your application form
3. Send your application to [email protected]

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