LGBT+ sector responds to the EHRC guidance on single sex service provision

Yesterday, April 4th, the EHRC produced a new guide ‘for service providers (anyone who provides goods, facilities or services to the public) who are looking to establish and operate a separate or single-sex service’.

The new guide is advisory, it does not override the EHRCs own existing Statutory Code of Practice and organisations are not required to follow it.

The guidance has received criticism both from the LGBT+ sector and beyond. Issues highlighted included the terminology and language used being inconsistent with legislation, examples that seemingly focus on legitimising blanket exclusion, and the reliance on specialist trans-inclusive support services which does not reflect the reality of local service provision.

A number of our member organisations reacted to the report on social media and/or published responses to the guidance. We have linked to these below. If you have produced a response you would like us to include here please email [email protected].

Mermaids have produced this guide for trans young people navigating their rights in relation to single-sex spaces.

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