Consortium statement on cancellation of the International LGBT Conference

Consortium's inclusive logo with colourful triangles in the colours of the inclusive LGBT+ flag colours

The implications of the International LGBT conference being cancelled are solely at the doorstep of Number 10. LGBT+ organisations in the UK were left with no choice but to withdraw any support in order to stand in solidarity and partnership with our trans siblings and communities. Our Government needs to take this as an opportunity to take a step back and consider where it gets its information on our communities from.

We are as one today as we always have been. Trans rights are not secondary to anyone else’s. Trans rights are human rights, pure and simple.

This is a sad day but one where we must begin to change the narrative and look to build a country where every person can feel safe and live a life with dignity and respect. We will continue to look to talk to Government in partnership with our sector on how we can achieve that one step at a time. We will also support our members working internationally, and those looking to make international LGBT+ connections, so together in solidarity we can progress LGBT+ rights worldwide.

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