Black History Month 2021

 A Warm Welcome to Black History Month at Consortium


Racial Justice Engagement Officer, Camillea (they/them) is continuously inspired by work which serves a strong community purpose. They have a passion for uplifting and supporting Black and Brown people who are often underrepresented and from less advantaged communities.

Camillea’s work is vital to understand the specific needs of, and increase the support available for, LGBT+ groups working within communities impacted by racism and racial inequity and building the capacity and resilience of those groups.

They have volunteered within the LGBT+ Third Sector, hosting ’safe spaces’ and facilitating events/workshops for Black and Brown women and non-binary people.

The focus for Black History Month and beyond will centre on Black Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans+ people within the community. Here at Consortium, we will be focusing on ‘Black LGBT+ Joy & concentrating on the importance of Intersectionality!’ 

During Black History Month and beyond, we will be highlighting the triumphs of our wins, both great and small. To the incredible icons that have paved the way for our liberation and freedom. To our present Black LGBT+ heroes and those who do a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes have not gone unnoticed!

The Team at Consortium have some lovely messages to share with the Black LGBT+ Community:

“I am delighted we are able to use Black History Month as an opportunity to celebrate the amazing work that our members working with Black communities do every single day. This work does not stop outside of October, but this is a month to focus on the joy and support they provide to so many people accessing their services. A huge thank you to every one of them for what they do, and I am pleased Consortium can continue to develop its knowledge and expertise to support them to be sustainable and resilient organisations.” 
Paul (he/him) • CEO of Consortium


“This Black History Month I hope that everyone can find moments to celebrate all the joy and love that underpins queer black brilliance.” 
Marita (she/her) • London Engagement Officer


“Now more than ever it is vital that we recognise and uplift the importance of black queer voices across all of our communities. Black History Month is a time when we can all come together to celebrate the stories of the black queer people who have shaped the LGBT community, and who continue to shape our communities. With love and solidarity, this month, and always.” 
Helen (she/her) • Head of Partnerships and Development 


“In my role offering triage support to our new members, it’s been really positive to see so many black queer groups joining Consortium and it’s an honour and pleasure to hear about the amazing work they are doing. “It’s great that this year Consortium are focusing on Black LGBT+ joy and its definitely joyful to see the Black History Month takeover on our website – I look forward to reading our members stories and about their events and resources celebrating black queer identities.”
Lucie (she/her) • Engagement Officer


“Happy Black History Month! It is so vital to celebrate the intersection of black and queer history.” 
Leo (he/him) • Communications Officer


I have always been inspired by the political and cultural contributions of Black Trans+ Women – both historically and today – including Marsha P. Johnson and Laverne Cox. Their achievements have been crucial for the progression of the global LGBTQ+ community. Let’s work together now to make our UK trans+ groups and communities fully inclusive and welcoming to Black Trans and Non-Binary People from all backgrounds!”
Shaan (he/him) • Trans Organisations Network Officer


“Working alongside our members all year round, I am lucky enough to see the great things they achieve, and I sometimes forget that not everyone will know about all of the fantastic work that they do! I love that Black History Month gives us an opportunity to really focus on, showcase and celebrate our Black-led members. I learn so much and always come away inspired.”
Briony (she/her) • Head of Membership and Engagement



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