Appeal for Statements of Support

National Hate Crime Awareness Week #NationalHCAW is a national week of action across the UK which aims to encourage the authorities, key partners and communities affected by hate crime to work together to tackle local hate crime issues.

Each year we take everyone on a three step journey using three hashtags #WeStandTogether,#NoPlaceForHate and #SafePlaceForAll – to bring people together, to say no to hate and make our communities safer places for everyone.

This year at St Paul’s Cathedral on the 10th October, we are focussing on the #SafePlaceForAll theme, and will be standing in solidarity with those affected by transphobic hate crime.

The national week is about all of us working together, to tackle all forms of hate crime until there is no place for hate and prejudice in the UK. It is about creating opportunities to spread a message of H.O.P.E.

Raising Hate crime awareness, Improving Operational responses to hate crime, Preventing hate crime where possible and Empowering communities to be included alongside the authorities and key partner.

NationalHCAW is a great opportunity for us all to recognise the diversity of the hate crime sector, to be inclusive of everyone affected by hate crime and positively promote the good work that we are doing across the UK.

It creates opportunities for people to talk about their experiences, to remember those that we have lost and those who need our ongoing support.

We have two calls of action:

1.  Please submit your own statements of support.
2.  Please encourage others to do likewise.

Who we are asking

We seek statements of support from across the political, religious and social spectrum.


  • Prime Minister
  • Government Ministers
  • Leaders of all  the UK’s politica parties
  • Members of the House of Commons
  • Members of the House of Lords
  • Members of the London Assembly
  • Members of the Scottish Parliament
  • Members of the Welsh Assemnly
  • Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly
  • All UK Police and Crime Commissioners
  • All UK Police Commanders
  • Met Police BCU Commanders
  • Local Authority Leaders and Mayors
  • London Borough Mayors
  • Local Councillors
  • Faith Leaders
  • Voluntary Sector leaders and organisations
  • All Community Leaders


If there are others who should be added to our list please let us know.

What we are asking for

We are asking for three things:

  • A photo
  • A short statement of support
  • Any relevant URL links that may link to statements/hate crime information on our own websites.


We do welcome people and organisations to conrtibute video statements.

Where do people/organisations need to send their statements of support?

Our purple volunteer team will be looking after all statements of support and correspondence with people and organisations.

Email: [email protected]

What we will do with the statements of support we receive

We will add them to our blog

All statement are added to the relevant Statements article on our WordPress blog.

They will be added to our NationalHCAW website

We will highlight statements from the Prime Minister, Government Ministers, Leaders of the political parties across the UK.

We will add them to our NationalHCAW Google Map

Each year we set up a google map, which we use to promote hate crime events and activities across the UK.

This includes all statements of support, links to council websites indicating whether or not they provide hate crime information on their websites. Articles about National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

Click here to view the National Hate Crime Google Map 2021 >

We will promote them via our social media

We will use Mailchimp, WordPress, Facebook, Hashtags, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube.

View News and Social Media section on the Nationalhcaw website >

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