Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill Statement

In December 2022, the Scottish Government passed its Gender Recognition Reform (GRR) with overwhelming cross-party support from Members of the Scottish Parliament after many years of consultation, review and discussion.

The UK Government is now considering challenging the Scottish Government’s mandate to implement this bill. It’s first step is to end reciprocal recognition of Gender Recognition Certificates (GRCs) from all countries that support trans people changing their legal gender using a self-determination mode – including Canada, Australia and New Zealand – after the UK has accepted them for years.

Seeking to end this system is an extraordinary move that is not based on any evidence or experience.

It sends a clear message that the UK Government does not feel trans people are worthy of respect in our society; instead, they are a threat to contain.

These moves also directly oppose the inclusive values that characterise modern Britain and will actively harm the UK’s international reputation as an open, diverse and dynamic society – an important reason why global corporations who proudly support LGBTQ+ rights are attracted to doing business in the UK.

We implore the Prime Minister to stop this unnecessary and damaging action immediately and instead recognise the significant positive contribution of trans people across the UK.

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