£22,000 awarded through our LGBT+ Intersections Fund

  • Consortium is delighted to have awarded £22,000 to LGBT+ organisations thanks to generous funding from a private donor.
  • 18 LGBT+ organisations across England, Scotland and Wales received funding.
  • Funds were awarded to user-led organisations focused on disabled LGBT+ people, LGBT+ people from Black, Asian and minoritised ethnicities and LGBT+ people of colour,* LGBT+ people of faith, LGBT+ women and older LGBT+ people.


Consortium, the UKs umbrella body for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender + organisations has announced a full list of the successful recipients from its latest grants programme, the LGBT+ Futures: Intersections Fund.

18 LGBT+ organisations across England, Scotland and Wales shared funding of £22,000 which has now been fully distributed.

Grants ranged from £500 to £2,000 to support the delivery of core activities of LGBT+ non-profit groups, organisations and projects that are led by and for:

  • Disabled LGBT+ people
  • LGBT+ people from Black, Asian and minoritised ethnicities and LGBT+ people of colour*
  • LGBT+ people of faith
  • LGBT+ women
  • Older LGBT+ people


The programme of grants was made possible thanks to the donation of a private donor. A grants committee of community representatives agreed the grants, focusing on supporting the overall work of the funding organisations rather than specific projects.

This funding aimed to provide for the immediate needs of intersectional LGBT+ organisations and the light-touch application and award process represents Consortium’s commitment to ensuring funds are accessible to smaller and new LGBT+ organisations.

For the full list of successful organisations please visit here.

Paul Roberts OBE, Chief Executive at Consortium said: “We are delighted to have been able to deliver a second year of the Intersections Fund, our first dedicated grants programme for the LGBT+ sector created solely through the generosity of a private donor. Through this fund we have been able to award grants to 18 remarkable LGBT+ organisations working across England, Scotland and Wales. Consortium remains committed to bringing new funds into the sector and providing new opportunities for smaller LGBT+ organisations who are doing such inspiring work.”

*We recognise the use of terms such as BAME/PoC reflect a diverse range of people and communities. We use it as inclusively as possible to reflect people from communities who experience racism.

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