Happy International Non-Binary People’s Day 2021!

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Consortium are proud to celebrate and support non-binary communities today and every day

#InternationalNonBinaryDay #NonbinaryAwarenessWeek #NonBinaryDay #NonBinary

This is a message to all our non-binary members from our Racial Justice Officer Camillea (they/them)

As a non-binary femme presenting person, I cannot express the joy I feel being my authentic self.
I came out as non-binary in February this year with the help of my incredible therapist, who had encouraged me to live in my truth. For a long time, I was scared of how society may look at me.
It took a tremendous amount of courage and strength to come out as non-binary UNAPOLOGETICALLY, but that came with being patient with myself and surrounding myself with people who accept me for who I am! However, I am aware that not many people have this privilege of living in their authentic truths for various reasons.
The very fact of you accepting your identity as a non-binary person is all that matters.
I know that we have come a long way from whence we have come from, and both the Team at LGBT+ Consortium and I stand with you all in solidarity and celebration of who you are.


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