Sexuality aGender – New Delivery Partner Opportunity

Training Delivery Partner and Income Generation Opportunity



The Proud Trust has a long and rich history of working with LGBT+ young people, and creating resources to meet their identified needs. Over the years, the LGBT+ young people that we have worked with have consistently told us that the education they have received by statutory means on the topic of sexual health, has not been meeting their needs:

  • Lesbian, gay and bisexual young people feel excluded due to a heavy focus on pregnancy and contraception.
  • Trans young people feel disempowered to engage due to incorrect assumptions being made about them, and their body parts, by the facilitator.


The Proud Trust set out to meet this need, and in doing so, did not create a sexual health toolkit for LGBT+ young people, but instead created a sexual health toolkit that is inclusive, suitable for all young people, for use in schools and youth clubs. This toolkit does not replace other toolkits out there, but does provide the opportunity for a very different and broader set of conversations with all young people, more info here.


The Sexuality aGender v2 toolkit has had extensive exposure in the North West of England, so we are NOT looking for delivery partners there. LGBT+ youth organisations from all other parts of the UK are welcome to apply.

We are looking to engage six LGBT+ youth organisations from across the UK to take part in a “train the trainer” style project, which has the potential to gain them income of £2,800 each.

Click here to view the proposed project outline and apply

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