£290,000 of Grants Awarded to 43 LGBT+ Organisations

  • Consortium has today announced an investment of £290,000 to 43 LGBT+ organisations across the UK thanks to funds from the National Emergencies Trust
  • A strong diversity of intersecting LGBT+ organisations receive funding to help them respond to the impact of Covid-19 and the increase in demand for LGBT+ services
  • This is in addition to emergency grants totalling £200,000 to 8 LGBT+ Helplines across the UK


Consortium, the UKs umbrella body for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender + organisations has announced the successful recipients from its latest grants programme, the LGBT+ Futures: National Emergencies Trust Fund.

43 LGBT+ organisations across the UK will share the funding, with grants ranging from £2,000 to £13,510. Recipients will undertake a diverse range of work, from Black-led LGBT+ health support and provision to support for physical activity across trans communities.

All organisations funded will work to address the increased demands placed upon their services as a result of the Covid-19 global pandemic, which has seen 40% of LGBT+ organisations reporting immediate losses in funds, a majority of LGBT+ organisations seeing increases in demand, 42% of LGBT+ people surveyed seeking support for mental health issues, 70% of LGBT+ surveyed reporting decreased mental wellbeing overall and all data pointing to additional increase for those LGBT+ people who are from communities experiencing racism, are Deaf/disabled or are trans/non-binary.

Funding for the programme is thanks to money from the National Emergencies Trust’s Coronavirus Appeal Funds, who are investing in the LGBT+ sector in recognition of how under-represented the sector has been in Covid-19 related funding to date.

Mhairi Sharp, CEO of the National Emergencies Trust, said: “This year has been incredibly difficult for many people, and the LGBT+ community has been heavily impacted. LGBT+ Consortium is doing incredible work to respond, at speed, to the huge surge in need created by the pandemic. We’re delighted to be able to further their efforts with funding from the Coronavirus Appeal, to ensure that as many people as possible from the community receive the vital support they need.”

Tyron Woolfe, Chair of Deaf Rainbow UK, said: “Deaf Rainbow UK is delighted to receive this funding which will combat the further isolation faced by deaf people during COVID-19 times via Online social meets with their access needs met. A new video for deaf people questioning their gender identity will be valuable support in the absence of any accessible resources.”

Leila Zadeh, Executive Director UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group, said: “Covid-19 has resulted in a threefold increase in people contacting us for emotional support. This grant will enable us to continue supporting them during this difficult time as we deliver our services remotely. We will also be able to ensure better data security and avoid security breaches which could put our service users at serious risk.”

Harvey Kennedy, CEO and Founding Director of Black Beetle Health, said: “With optimism ever at the forefront of our minds, QTIPOC communities across the country and around the world have continued to emerge in a spirit of creativity, self-love and resilience. Casting aside hate and oppression and rising above, we continue to demonstrate the uncrushable force of togetherness alongside an uncontainable ambition to continue to succeed–no matter what. For seeing us, for supporting us, for being there when we needed you, for enabling us to do more…Thank you.”

Additional awards totalling £60,000 will be made shortly to LGBT+ organisations in Northern Ireland and Wales. Consortium have been working with LGBT+ organisations in these areas to better understand local needs and where funds can make the most difference.

For the full list of successful organisations to date please visit here.

Paul Roberts OBE, Chief Executive at Consortium said: The global pandemic has had seriously profound effects on both LGBT+ individuals in need of support, and those organisations who provide lifeline services. I am delighted National Emergencies Trust has entrusted Consortium with these funds so we can get them to where they are desperately needed. We know this is just a drop in the ocean in terms of LGBT+ sector need but these funds are already being put to good use to help organisations build their resilience and to be able to continue offering their services. A huge thank you to all grant recipients for their fantastic work.

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