Consortium Brings London’s Trans Groups Together for Landmark Mapping Project

Consortium’s Trans Organisations Network (TON) member organisations & associates joined up last week for a strategic roundtable at the Bridge in Southwark, London.

The event, which brought together a range of representatives from Trans Groups, focused on identifying and addressing gaps and challenges in provision and scoping new opportunities for action.

One of the aims of the roundtable was gathering more relevant data for a London mapping exercise that is being carried out by Consortium in partnership with HERO, Health Equality and Rights Organisation.

Specialists from trans-specific groups and programmes in Greater London shared their invaluable insights around service provisions for trans and non-binary user groups. Martin, Consortium’s London Engagement Officer, presented the first results from the London-wide LGBT+ mapping exercise, stressing the need for more trans and non-binary data on services.

Martin said: “So far, out of the 700 plus entries we’ve had, less than 5 per cent are trans-specific services. We urgently need more data, and this roundtable provided an excellent opportunity for connecting and sharing. We will be looking to consult further with these specialist organisations about the gaps in services and challenges they face as part of our wider pan London mapping project.”

Shaan, the TON coordinator, added: “There was great enthusiasm in the room, and ideas for action were flowing. This shows how important events like these are to make our sector more sustainable and resilient.”

We are planning further roundtables and developing resources for Members – both in London and across the UK – to help achieve this.

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