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Wakefield Pride began as Wakefield Pride not Prejudice and originated from a request from the LGBT youth group Fruitbowl to organise an LGBT Pride event in Wakefield. An article placed in the now defunct Yorkshire Queer Magazine SHOUT asked for volunteers to meet at the MESMAC offices in January 2005 and the committee was formed and was developed in conjunction with Wakefield Council, the Primary Care Trusts, the West Yorkshire Police Authority, the owners of two local gay venues in the city, VOX, the Men’s Sexual Health Project (MESMAC) and members of the gay community.

Since 2005 an event has been held annually [except 2020]. Each year it has grown. We now are a Registered Charity and due to our continually growth we have been granted a new home outside the Town Hall by WMDC.

Our aim is is to promote equality and diversity and in particular the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity and marginalised groups such as the BAME community, promoting social inclusion and community cohesion. We help to raise awareness among the public about the issues and difficulties affecting the lives of LGBT+ people within Wakefield and its 5 Towns and emphasis this year will also be placed on the effects of Covid-19 within the City. We will be encouraging local community groups to come together with us that we have been working alongside with providing assistance to the City during the unprecidented times we faced .

As we are now a registered Charity, apart from organising Pride we are striving to expand in terms of a premises within the city where we can operate as a trading premises but also to deliver support groups and drop ins, a service lacking within our geographical area. We strive to be fully sustainable.

Last year due to the pandemic putting paid to mass gatherings, we devoted our time to assist local community groups during the pandemic with food distribution to needing to use foodbanks and also ran a successful Christmas Appeal for the same benefit.

Services provided for

  1. All LGBT+ Communities
  2. People over 50
  3. Young People

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  1. Arts
  2. Events
  3. Infrastructure/Community Development
  4. Pride
  5. Volunteering

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