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Transpire is a non-profit community group which supports transgender people, their friends and family and the wider LGBTQ+ community in south Essex. The group was formally constituted by its voluntary members in June 2016. One of our guiding principles and aims is to ensure that no one should feel alone or isolated.  It is our objective to provide a safe, family friendly environment where people can meet and ‘be themselves’ without fear of prejudice or judgement. We do not expect members to disclose person information about their gender or sexuality, anybody is welcome to be part of Transpire, particularly those people who are vulnerable or isolated, suffer financial difficulties, domestic abuse or honour based risk , or exploitation, which may then affect their self-esteem and sense of belonging.

Services provided for

  1. All LGBT+ Communities
  2. Trans People/People with gender histories

Key areas of work

  1. Advice/Information
  2. Gender
  3. Networks
  4. Self-help/Support Group

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01702 668060


[email protected]


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