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Trans Creative was launched onto the world in 2017. Since then, transgender politics have rarely been out of the news – often meaning one step forward, and two steps back for the trans community. We are seen, but not heard, we make headlines, but don’t get to write the copy. Trans Creative have been countering media negativity through our mission to “Tell our own stories” which seems more important now than ever.

To be trans and have a voice is both rare and vital. Over the last two years we have created important platforms to have these voices heard, from nationwide tours of mind-expanding theatre, to young trans people and artists taking over institutions, to headline-grabbing activism, to my own development as a trans Artistic Director in the UK. This is just the beginning for us and we are encouraged by our sell-out events and audience response. I believe having more trans presence in the arts creates social change, I have seen its impact grow over the last few years and feel proud to be part of this change.

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  1. Trans People/People with gender histories

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  1. Equal Opportunities/Discrimination
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  4. Pride

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