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The Transgender Clinic, a not for profit, was created in August due to the disparities in healthcare faced by the trans and non gender conforming community. We had previously managed private gender affirming surgeries but wanted to do something different. We are creating a network of gender affirming specialists across the UK and Ireland, we have negotiated private prices for surgeries with surgeons and hospitals to achieve a more accessible price to essential healthcare, further to that every surgeon who works with us donates a portion of their earnings towards developing our services and funding surgeries for those still unable to afford our lower prices.

We have peer support services offered to all our patients before, during and after medically transitioning. This is a safe and secure place where you can speak with like minded individuals about gender affirming healthcare, we will be on hand if you need us!

Alongside this we have developed a education programme that has been designed by the community and two gender specialist psychologists, this is to ensure that any of the nursing teams, admin staff at any of the clinics or hospitals involved in the care of trans and non binary patients are educated. We are also ensuring all the hospital are inclusive i.e unisex toilets or recovering on a ward that you identify with and feel comfortable on. We want our patients to be respected and celebrated not just tolerated. The earnings from the sale of our education programme will also help to support patients and fund surgeries for patients.

Our main areas of focus are –

  • Gender affirming healthcare – We have signed agreements with exemplary plastic surgeons with experience in this field, and have negotiated with them on their fees to give us the best price possible.
  • Mental health support – We are working on creating regular dialogue between our gender-specialists to our beneficiaries via our social media platforms, as well as providing pre- and post-operative support to our service user.
  • Community outreach – Working with both LGBTQ+ businesses, charities, individual and allies, we build a community of likeminded people who see the current state of transgender healthcare as something that needs revision in order to save lives.
  • Education – We are perfecting a gender-based training programme with our psychologists, with aim to have them distributed to all UK hospitals, and importantly to the hospitals treating our service users.
  • Funding services – Our profits go back into the running of the organisation and towards funding the necessary treatment for those who are in facing financial difficulty.

Services provided for

  1. Trans People/People with gender histories

Key areas of work

  1. Advice/Information
  2. Campaigning/Activism
  3. Counselling
  4. Education
  5. Gender
  6. Healthcare
  7. Mental Health
  8. Policy/Representation
  9. Pride
  10. Research
  11. Self-help/Support Group
  12. Training

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020 3657 3296


[email protected]


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