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The Rainbow Nation is a Foundation that raises money through various means that is then funnelled back into the community.

We work with other LGBT+ community groups & organisations to run various fundraising events, especially with our sister company, the Gay Men’s Dance Company. These events can be social events, performances, club nights etc.

We run a scholarship programme where people can get assistance to join any of our partner community groups, whether they’re homeless, an asylum seeker, out of work or going through financial hardship, everyone deserves to have hobbies & be part of the community.

We also have our own unisex clothing line, drawing from LGBT+ culture & history.

The money raised goes direct to various LGBT+ charities we partner with, into our scholarship programme & into creating more community support.

Services provided for

  1. All LGBT+ Communities
  2. Brown, Black and Multi-Racial People of the Global Majority (PGM)
  3. Men
  4. People over 50
  5. People with disabilities
  6. Women

Key areas of work

  1. Advice/Information
  2. Advocacy
  3. Campaigning/Activism
  4. Education
  5. Equal Opportunities/Discrimination
  6. Events
  7. Gender
  8. Infrastructure/Community Development
  9. Mental Health
  10. Networks
  11. Policy/Representation
  12. Pride
  13. Self-help/Support Group
  14. Training

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07828 166112


[email protected]


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