The Alphabet Collective


The Alphabet Collective (AC) is a community group which supports the social and emotional well-being of LGBTQIA+ people aged 18+ across Leeds and the surrounding area. We hold weekly sessions in the city centre which aim to celebrate and explore identity through creative workshops, discussions, networking, and recreational activities.

The AC was established in 2021 under the umbrella of the charity, Getaway Girls. Now, with the intention to expand and welcome a wider range of identities, the AC has transitioned into an independent charitable group.

We facilitate weekly social groups for people aged 18-25 who identify as LGBTQIA+. We are inclusive of those who are questioning or unsure about their sexual and/or gender identity and are seeking a safe space to explore that.

The group currently meets on a Monday evening, 5-6.30pm in Leeds City Centre, or 5.30 – 7.45 every fourth Monday of the month for skating (roller and boarding) at LS-Ten skatepark.

We understand people may be unsure about whether the group is for them, so are always happy to meet people 121 to get to know us and find out more.

Services provided for

  1. All LGBT+ Communities
  2. Intersex/Variations in Sex Characteristics (VSC)
  3. Non-UK Residents
  4. People of Faith
  5. People with disabilities
  6. Trans People/People with gender histories
  7. Young People

Key areas of work

  1. Advice/Information
  2. Events
  3. Gender
  4. Mental Health
  5. Outdoors/Sports
  6. Self-help/Support Group
  7. Volunteering

Contact Details


07546 305725


[email protected]


Opening Hours

Meeting Times

Mondays, 5-6.30 in Leeds City Centre, 5.30-7.45 every 4th Monday for skating

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