Taunton Gay Group

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Are you LGBTQ+ (or questioning) living in the Taunton area?

Would you like to join a group of friendly people up the pub to make new connections, meet new friends and socialise more?

Taunton Gay Group (TGG) is organising regular informal meet ups in Taunton venues (18+) to get together and make new friends – helping people feel less isolated and more connected. Our events are open to anyone who feels they fit in or around the LGBT+ umbrella and allies and we welcome both regulars and newbies.

Founded in 2018, our events have attracted people from across the county and we welcome anyone visiting from other areas. We hold regular pub socials, and other meet ups events such as coffee lunchtime meets, quiz nights, trips to Pride festivals, local shows, cinema etc as ideas come up.

On our website we provide information resources for other wider LGBT+ events, networks and support in Taunton, Somerset and the South West.

Our message is simple, escape the online life, come out and meet people, engage, make friends, chat, have a laugh and don’t feel or be alone!

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