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We bring people together across the entire asexuality spectrum. Asexual people face additional challenges in society relating to differing life experiences. Asexuals who are looking for others may only be one in every ten thousand people of the general population; so even for those living in large cities; finding people to connect with can be extremely difficult. We bring asexual people together all across Scotland with in-person activities and through a range of online groups and activities. Our groups and events enable people to connect with a like-minded community; receive support; and make new friends.

We offer a range of in-person and online events and social activities ranging from social chats and support sessions in quiet locations; trips to cultural places; and outdoor walks and physical activity. Our online presence includes WhatsApp and Facebook groups; a Meetup group (; a Discord server; and forum presence on the AVEN forums (main online forum for asexual people) as well as a less formal presence on other social media and asexual websites.

We created our group informally in October 2016 in Glasgow with the initial aim of bringing local asexual people together. Since then we have expanded with in-person events hosted regularly in Glasgow; Edinburgh; and Aberdeen; and less frequently in smaller locations such as Dundee; Montrose; and Lanark. Our aim is to ensure as many people as possible who need our services can find and access them. Many asexual people say broader LGBT+ charities do not have the understanding or resources to support them and we aim to bridge this gap. We would also like to increase the accessibility of our events by offering more of them and in more locations; and finding accessible solutions to enable more people to attend.

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