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Queer Britain: the National LGBTQ+ Museum

Queer Britain is working to establish the UK’s first national LGBTQ+ museum, a place as exciting as the people, stories and ideas it explores and celebrates.
It will be an essential place for all regardless of sexuality or gender identity, to find out about the culture they have been born into, have chosen or seek to understand.
It will help complete the Nation’s family tree.

What will it be?

A bricks and mortar museum with an innovative digital presence and a strong educational remit. It will feature objects and records from the world’s of art, fashion, film, literature, TV, theatre, news, music, diaries, letters, photographs, legal records. Video/ audio interviews with queer people of all ages and backgrounds, activists, their friends, allies, families, observers and opponents.

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  1. All LGBT+ Communities

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  1. Education
  2. Infrastructure/Community Development
  3. Other
  4. Research
  5. Resource Library

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