Pride Comic Art Festival


Pride Comic Art Festival is an event that aims to platform and celebrate LGBTQIA+ comic creators.

LGBTQIA+ representation and themes have usually been hidden from comics due to censorship and gatekeeping from larger publishers. However, there has always been a rich and vibrant underground scene for the community by the community. Now with more comic and zine creators being able to produce and sell their work independently, LGBTQA+ characters and themes are making their way into the public eye.

Pride Comic Art Festival is giving LGBTQA+ artists, writers and creators centre stage to exhibit and sell their work and stories and for the general public to discover a world of talent and stories. We pride ourselves on being able to produce not just a wide showcase of different talents but those from different ethnic backgrounds and cultures as well as those with different disabilities and neurodiversities. The event aims to immensely reduce financial barriers by making the festival free for the general public and exhibitors prices as low as possible. As well as the creators exhibiting their work, the event hosts talks and workshops during the day from professionals in the industry.

While Pride Comic Art Festival only happens once a year, both members of the Rough Sketch Production team also put on workshops and creative social events to keep artistic self expression flowing throughout the year.

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