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Oasis is a self help Transgender Support Group.

Oasis was formed 35 years ago by the late Barbara Ross OBE. Barbara was a social worker and gender counsellor, who specialised in working with people with gender issues. Barbara’s legacy continues through Oasis working with Transgender folk across Suffolk and Norfolk.

Oasis is a group made up of a really interesting collection of people of various ages and includes those who have transitioned, those in the process of transitioning, those who dress frequently, and those who only dress when they come to Oasis. At the moment, we are made up exclusively of Trans Women and female presenting cross-dressers, but there is no reason why this should not change in the future.

We meet on the southern outskirts of Norwich once a month. Our meeting place is in a safe secluded spot and offers privacy to attendees, plus changing facilities for those who cannot dress at home. We also welcome family, friends, and supporters to our meetings.

Away from our regular meetings, Oasis members meet regularly for lunch, dinner and visits to local attractions. We are also prominent at Norwich and King’s Lyn Prides and many of the small local Prides across the region,

Services provided for

  1. Trans People/People with gender histories

Key areas of work

  1. Gender
  2. Pride
  3. Self-help/Support Group

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The evening of 3rd Saturday of each month

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