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London Trans+ Pride (LTP) is a grassroots trans-led community organisation, operating as a collective of volunteers for and with the trans+ community in the UK. We are responsible for organising the annual London Trans+ Pride march since 2018. Our most recent march in 2022 gathered more than 30,000 people marching in support of trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming and intersex lives and made LTP the largest trans-focused annual gathering in the UK. At its core, the London Trans+ Pride march is a protest. We are calling for equality via positive legislative change and radical improvement to our education and public healthcare system to recognise and support the needs of trans people as much as those of anyone else living in the UK.

Last year we were honoured to receive the Gay Times Future Fighter Award, which we accepted on behalf of the wider trans+ community. We see this award as a reminder that our LGBTQ+ community cannot be divided.

Leading up to our fifth year as LTP organisers, we want to use this momentum to expand the scope of our work in our attempts to counter the rising hostility towards trans+ people in the UK today. We plan to do this through the ongoing growth of our annual protest in London whilst also further developing our anti-oppression and trans-inclusive training programme, enhancing our community infrastructure provisions, amplifying our campaigning and research capabilities, as well as collaborating with partners around strategic litigation.


Drawing inspiration from pride’s origins as an intersectional protest against violence and erasure, as well as contemporary movements (Queer Picnic, UK Black Pride, Trans Pride Brighton), LTP exists to serve many goals, all grounded in our core mission:

To grow a community-facing, grassroots pride celebration and protest organised by and for trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming and intersex people, as a means of highlighting our needs, struggles, successes, and experiences in a social and political climate where trans+ voices often go unheard.

The world we work towards is defined by deep social equity and fairness. It is a world where no-one has to fight for their basic rights, as we and so many others are doing today; where the unique healthcare needs of our community are well-provided for by the public healthcare system; where it is not the responsibility of trans+ people to repeatedly educate others about our needs and histories; where we can live as our truest selves without being at risk of discrimination and violence; where we can go to work and don’t have to perform an idea of gender that does not align with our own; where the protection of our rights is guaranteed.

We recognise our unique position as a trans-led and trans-centred community organisation that is based in London, which is home to core governmental, legal and financial institutions. It is our intention to use this position to leverage for positive change and bring together the efforts and voices of trans+ organisations and individuals across the UK.

Looking ahead to the distant future of our organisation, we hope that there will no longer be a need for London Trans+ Pride to exist in its current form as a catalyst for protest and systemic change, but rather that it will be able to exist as a commemorative celebration of our hard-won rights.

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  1. Intersex/Variations in Sex Characteristics (VSC)
  2. Trans People/People with gender histories

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  1. Campaigning/Activism
  2. Equal Opportunities/Discrimination
  3. Gender
  4. Pride
  5. Research

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