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Home is an innovative new partnership of 9 London based LGBT+ charities that is aiming to scale up and join up LGBT+ services and support in the capital to address inequalities in health, wealth, opportunities and rights.

HOME has three main work streams:

  • Assets – We are working together to move towards co-location of the HOME charity partners across the capital to create sustainable, join-ed up services and accessible spaces for the LGBT+ community.
  • Fundraising – We are working together to identify opportunities to raise additional funds for the sector in order to scale up the services and support available to LGBT+ Londoners.
  • Voice – We are working together to develop joint messages and policy calls to raise awareness of the needs of the LGBT+ community and the charity sector that represents it.

The London LGBT+ HOME Partnership is incubated and overseen by Consortium.

Services provided for

  1. All LGBT+ Communities

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  1. Infrastructure/Community Development
  2. Other

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