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GiveOut are an award-winning international LGBTQI community foundation enabling our community and allies to give in one place to support LGBTQI activism worldwide.

Across the world, courageous activists are doing vital work to protect our communities and improve the lives of LGBTQI people. But they lack resources and funding is fragile, especially in the Global South and East. LGBTQI groups receiving a tiny fraction of international development aid – just 4p in every £100 awarded by governments.

GiveOut’s purpose is to help address this urgent need by providing a platform for our supporters to give tax efficiently in one place to fund LGBTQI human rights activism worldwide. We pool the donations we receive to provide grants to LGBTQI organisations around the world, ensuring they have more of the resources they need to defend our communities, tackle inequality and campaign for lasting change.

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  1. All LGBT+ Communities
  2. Non-UK Residents

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  1. Infrastructure/Community Development

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