Gay Men’s Health Collective


The Gay Men’s Health Collective (GMHC) is the umbrella for three beautifully proportioned independent volunteer-led projects intended for the purposes of sexual health, health promotion and well-being, harm reduction and HIV/ HCV prevention; and education, satire, and amusement.

MENRUS.CO.UK is a gay men’s health and well-being website with a holistic view to health. Divided into six key sections, YOU, MEN, BODY, SEX, STI and DRUGS, the content has a straight-forward and conversational writing style with 9,500+ links to support, films, and further information drawn from across the Internet.

THREE FLYING PIGLETS makes short films on gay men’s health issues and films for the wider LGBT+ community including our allies. Our films often address knowledge gaps not addressed elsewhere, aim to better connect us to our health and well-being needs.

PIP PAC are safer chemsex packs to reduce drug harms. Innovated by gay men with direct knowledge and experience of drug use, addiction, withdrawal, and recovery. Reviewed regularly, contents include colour-coded injecting paraphernalia and a mini-sharps box; gloves, condoms and lubricant; a safer chemsex booklet inc information on ambulance and police call-outs in overdose situations; and (most recently) a your rights on arrest booklet.

Services provided for

  1. Bisexual Men
  2. Gay Men
  3. LGBT+ People
  4. Men

Key areas of work

  1. Advice/Information
  2. Campaigning/Activism
  3. Education
  4. Other
  5. Policing
  6. Publications
  7. Resource Library
  8. Substance Misuse
  9. Training
  10. Volunteering

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07791 867885



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Mon-Fri • 10am-4pm

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