Club F.O.D


Our concept is born out of a number of principles that shape our events:

Our aim is to provide and promote dedicated and comfortable safe spaces in Club, Bar and Café environments for all members of the LGBT+ spectrum.

Events are organised by the local community for the local community.

Our events are non-profit event(s) that actively fundraises for Local LGBT+ charities in Reading.

All activities and Entertainments are self-funded through ticket sales, donations, Sponsorship and fundraising.

Our events are run and governed through equal representation sourced from the local LGBT+ community.

Services provided for

  1. Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnicities
  2. LGBT+ People
  3. Men
  4. People of Faith
  5. People over 50
  6. People with disabilities
  7. Women
  8. Young People

Key areas of work

  1. Campaigning/Activism
  2. Events
  3. Infrastructure/Community Development
  4. Networks
  5. Policy/Representation
  6. Self-help/Support Group

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