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The Beaumont Society is the longest established support group in the UK for trans people and their families. The Society is run for, and by, people who are trans covering the full spectrum from those who occasionally wear clothing that does not conform with their birth assigned sex, to those who have completed gender reassignment surgery. We include trans men and women as well as non-binary and gender fluid people. We are a national organisation run on a regional basis with members throughout the UK, and with group in many areas. We also have members overseas.

All members have access to the members’ area of our website when they can communicate with one another easily and safely with total confidentiality, and participate in groups and forums of particular interest. There is a quarterly magazine which is a high quality magazine available on the members’ area of the website or through the post.

The Beaumont Society, through its experienced members, offers talks and information on trans matters to interested parties. We can, and do, provide representatives at meetings of community support bodies such as Samaritans, university LGBT+ groups, Victim Support, Police Force diversity staff, medical professionals, as well as many others.

Services provided for

  1. Trans People/People with gender histories

Key areas of work

  1. Education
  2. Gender

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01582 412220


[email protected]


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