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BAXSAN is an artist collective and private peer support network made up of artists and community facilitators, whose primary focus is creating connections, fostering community and creating art from the shared experiences of LGBTQI+ Somalis. Their work is heavily rooted in exploring and affirming liberation practices. Since the group’s inception in 2018, they have prioritised safety, resourcing and upskilling, providing spaces to commune and create.

Services provided for

  1. Ace Spectrum Communities
  2. All LGBT+ Communities
  3. Bisexual Men
  4. Bisexual Women
  5. Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnicities
  6. Gay Men
  7. Intersex/Variations in Sex Characteristics (VSC)
  8. Lesbians/Gay Women
  9. Men
  10. Non-UK Residents
  11. Other
  12. People of Faith
  13. People over 50
  14. People with disabilities
  15. Trans People/People with gender histories
  16. Women
  17. Young People

Key areas of work

  1. Advocacy
  2. Arts
  3. Befriending/1:1
  4. Events
  5. Faith
  6. Gender
  7. Infrastructure/Community Development
  8. Networks
  9. Pride
  10. Self-help/Support Group
  11. Training

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