Time to Change Champions Fund

Funding priority

They fund Social Contact activity: conversations that take place between those who have lived experience of mental health problems and those who may not. Social contact activity is run by individuals with experience of mental health problems who are willing to share their stories with people who haven’t experienced mental health problems, with the aim of changing any stigmatising attitudes they may have.



Type of funder

Who can apply

To apply for funding you need to:

Be registered as a Time to Change champion.
Be at least 18 years old.
Have lived experience of a mental health problem.
Live in an area where there is a Time to Change Hub (currently: Birmingham, Bristol, County Durham, East Essex, Halton, Kingston, Leicester, Nottingham, Somerset, Southampton & Portsmouth, Waltham Forest and Worcestershire)


They will not fund:

  • Equipment (i.e. cameras, computers etc.)
  • Training courses
  • Salary costs
  • Activity solely based in a workplace (i.e. not public facing / community based).
  • Fundraising activities

Funding Type

  1. Project

Grant details

£500 available to run an anti-stigma activity


Size of grant

  1. Small (£1 - £10,000)

Application details

Download the application form, complete it and submit to your local Time to Change Hub.

Contact Details


15-19 Broadway

E15 4BQ

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