The CAF Tourle Foundation Fund

Funding priority

Organisations must be able to evidence that the project will be delivered to local people, whilst demonstrating the need and difference it will make.

Areas considered may include:

  • projects with a community led ethos – this may be born from a community challenge or idea and run by  members of the local community
  • organisations that find it difficult to attract mainstream funding
  • projects demonstrating the organisation is providing something which would not otherwise be available locally
  • projects demonstrating the organisation is doing great work that they are not recognised for.


Funding rounds are announced on their website

Type of funder

Charitable trust or foundation

Who can apply

Our target audience are small place based charitable organisations providing a service to the heart of their community within the UK.

An example would be a charitable organisation set up by the community in a village, providing services to older people in isolation; a small community group on an estate providing drop in sessions for teenagers etc.

Organisations applying must:

be applying for up to £5,000
be providing a service to the heart of your community
be a community charitable organisation whose reach is within a localised catchment area
be able to demonstrate the need of the project
have an annual income below £100,000
have charitable aims and objectives
operate within the UK
complete the project a year from the date of award.


They will not consider:

  • Organisations not providing local services for local people
  • Organisations that are regional and national
  • Organisations that are not charitable
  • Organisations based outside the UK and/or delivering outside of the UK
  • Organisations that have an annual income over £100,000
  • Organisations in receipt of a grant from this programme within the last 2 years
  • Political organisations or those promoting one faith/religion
  • Requests for retrospective funding
  • Applications from individuals
  • Full cost or contribution towards capital build – although refurbishments may be considered
  • Core costs – these are costs that enable your organisation to function
  • Salaries may be considered in exceptional circumstances
  • Projects whose total project costs exceeds £25,000.

Funding Type

  1. One-off
  2. Project

Grant details

Up to £5,000 for projects that meet their criteria.

Size of grant

  1. Small (£1 - £10,000)

Application details

Check website for how to apply. They only post application details when a funding round is open.

Contact Details


25 Kings Hill Avenue
Kings Hill
West Malling

ME19 4TA

Telephone Number

03000 123 334


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