John Ellerman Foundation

Funding priority

Their funding priorities are:

  • Arts
  • Environment
  • Social Action

They fund national work which has significant impact.



Type of funder

Charitable trust or foundation

Who can apply

They prioritise UK-registered charities with an income between £100,000 and £10m. If your income is greater than this, they will only consider a grant if you are uniquely placed to help meet their funding objectives. They call this the ‘only they can do it’ test.

They have a special interest in small, niche national charities which shine a light on a particular concern or area of interest.

They are also looking for:

- Effectiveness and impact – a good understanding of the needs being met and how best to tackle them
- Strong governance and management – an engaged board; well-qualified people and leadership; a thorough understanding and oversight of finances at all levels
- Partnerships – organisations that are well connected, understand how they fit within their world and how they add value, and work well with relevant others.
- Good use of volunteers – whoever the volunteers are - from professionals to local communities - they are looking for best practice.


Funding Type

  1. Project
  2. Regular
  3. Running costs

Grant details

They provide core funding, but they are also happy to make grants for projects or programmes.

Check their list of previous grants to see the kinds of projects they’ve funded and the amounts awarded. Grants tend to be large and multi-year.

Size of grant

  1. Large (£50,000 and up)
  2. Medium (£10,000 - £50,000)

Application details

Apply via their online portal. You'll need to upload a 2 page proposal using the headings they outline on their website. Read all guidance carefully before applying.

Contact Details


Aria House
23 Craven Street


Telephone Number

020 7930 8566


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  • Region of your work

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