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Funding priority

The Foyle Foundation has announced that after 25 years, it will end its Grants Giving Programme in 2025.

The Foundation awards funding in the areas of the Arts, Learning, Community Small Grants, State Schools Libraries and Health.

Applications are currently being accepted for the final rounds of the programme:

  • Arts and learning charities can apply for grants through the Main Grants Scheme. The closing date for stage 1 application (for grants of £75,000 and above) is the 31st May 2024.  Applicants successful at this stage will have until the 30th June 2024 to submit the full application.  Applications for grants of below £75,000 can be submitted at any time until the 31st January 2025.
  • Small charities can apply for grants of between £2,000 and £10,000 via the Small Grants Scheme. The final closing date for applications is the 30th April 2025.
  • State funded schools can apply for grants of between £2,000 and £10,000 through the Foyle School Library Scheme. The Foundation will stop accepting applications on the 30th September 2024.



Type of funder

Charitable trust or foundation

Who can apply

For the Main Grants scheme organisations have to be working in the fields of Arts and Learning.

The Small Grants Scheme is designed to support smaller charities registered and operating in the United Kingdom, especially those working at grass roots and local community level, in any field, across a wide range of activities.

Applications are welcomed from charities that have an annual turnover of less than £150,000 per annum. Larger or national charities will normally not be considered under this scheme.

Nor will the Scheme generally support charities that are able consistently to generate operational surpluses or which have built up considerable unrestricted reserves.


No grants to individuals.

Funding Type

  1. Capital expenditure
  2. One-off
  3. Project
  4. Running costs

Grant details

They make one-year grants for core costs, equipment or project funding to charities which can show that such a grant will make a significant difference to their work. Demonstrating ongoing sustainability is also important, particularly if you have recently lost local authority or other regular funding.

Charities can apply for between of between £1,000 and £10,000 for Small grants scheme and up to £150,000 via the Main Grants scheme.

Size of grant

  1. Large (£50,000 and up)
  2. Medium (£10,000 - £50,000)
  3. Small (£1 - £10,000)

Application details

Apply online. Can take up to 4 months for them to make their decision.

Contact Details


Rugby Chambers
2 Rugby Street


Telephone Number

020 7430 9119


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