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Funding priority

The Open Grants Programme accepts applications from UK registered charities or not-for-profits and who meet the eligibility criteria, for funding towards capital projects. The work of the organisation must fit within one or more of their specified programme areas.

Capital expenditure is defined as: Buildings, fixtures & fittings, and vehicles.

They fund work around: alcohol & substance misuse; disadvantaged minority communities (specifically includes LGBT+); disadvantaged young people; domestic & sexual abuse; homelessness; older people; disabled people; prisoners and ex-offenders; visual impairment.

At least 50% of your service users have to benefit from the grant.




Type of funder

Charitable trust or foundation

Who can apply

They award grants to UK registered charities, CICs, and other registered UK not-for-profit organisations.


They do not fund non-capital costs. Items which they consider to be non-capital include:
Salaries and overheads
Volunteer expenses
Costs associated with the lease of property or equipment
Websites, database and software
Professional fees
Equipment for one-off use, or which will be given to service users for personal use on a permanent basis
One-off events

Funding Type

  1. Capital expenditure

Grant details

You can apply for grants under £10,000 or over £10,000.

We ask that you do not request a specific amount in your application form. This is because our trustees will take into consideration a number of factors when deciding the size of grant to award.

For larger projects (£100,000+), they generally fund 10% or more of the balance to be raised. For example, if your project cost was £200,000 and you had £150,000 left to raise, the grant award would be at least £15,000. The larger a project, the larger the grant is likely to be.

For smaller projects (with a balance of less than £10,000), they generally fund between 50% and 100% of the balance.

They advise not to ask for a specific amount.

Size of grant

  1. Large (£50,000 and up)
  2. Medium (£10,000 - £50,000)
  3. Small (£1 - £10,000)

Application details

Apply online.

Assessment for smaller grants takes 8 weeks, while you may have to wait 6 months for a decision on larger grants. The Grants Officer may ask for more information or arrange a visit. 

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