Allen Lane Foundation

Funding priority

The Foundation is interested in funding work which benefits people in the following groups:

Asylum-seekers and refugees (but not groups working with a single nationality).
Gypsies and Travellers.
Migrant workers.
Offenders and ex-offenders.
Older people.
People experiencing mental health problems.
People experiencing violence or abuse.

In January 2019, they also launched their Social Cohesion programme to address social divisions that occurred around the 2016 referendum. This programme aims to provide support to local communities.


Rolling, but Trustees meet in February, June & October

Type of funder

Charitable trust or foundation

Who can apply

They fund organisations which are registered charities, and also other organisations which are not charities but which seek funding for a charitable project. (Such as constituted voluntary groups or Community Interest Companies for example.). They do not make grants to individuals.

They only fund smaller organisations. If you work across a local area such as a village, estate or town, to be eligible you will need to have an income of less than around £100,000. At the other end of the spectrum, if you work across the whole of the UK you will need to have an income of less than around £250,000.


They do NOT fund:
Alcohol or drug misuse
Animal welfare or animal rights
Annual or one-off events or festivals
Capital grants
Children and young people
Endowments or contributions to other grant-making bodies
General arts or cultural or language projects
General health or healthcare
Holidays or holiday play-schemes or day-trips
Medical research
Museums or galleries
One-to-one general counselling
Overseas travel
Physical or learning disability
Private and/or mainstream education
Property purchase, building or refurbishment
Restoration or conservation of historic buildings or sites
Single nationality community groups
Sports and recreation
University or post-graduate education
Vehicle purchase
Work which with Trustees believe is rightly the responsibility of the state
Work which will already have taken place before a grant is agreed
Work which only takes place in London

Funding Type

  1. One-off
  2. Project
  3. Regular

Grant details

Most grants awarded are under £10,000. The average is around £5,000. They make grants to projects that:

  • will make a lasting difference to people’s lives rather than simply alleviating the symptoms or current problems,
  • are aimed at reducing isolation, stigma and discrimination, and
  • encourages or enables unpopular groups to share in the life of the whole community.

They aim to help organisations to become sustainable, supporting running and core costs to enable them to have flexibility, security and longevity.

They focus on work with adults (not children or young people).

They are interested in funding charitable causes which they believe to be unpopular both in society, and with other funders.

If you believe your work to be an unpopular cause, both in society generally, and with other funders, and something you think the Foundation may be interested in funding, they invite groups to email them to tell them more.

Size of grant

  1. Small (£1 - £10,000)

Application details

You can apply at anytime and will usually hear back in two weeks to either ask for more information, tell you that your application will be put forward to the next trustee meeting, tell you they cannot help.

There is an online application system.

Contact Details


90 The Mount

YO24 1AR

Telephone Number

01904 613223


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