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Out and Proud Parents Day

July 30th is Out and Proud Parents Day where we ask Proud Parents of LGBTQI+ children to come out and be role models within their community. We understand the importance of parental role models within communities helping other parents accept their LGBTQI+ children.

What happens on 30th July?
On this day, every year, we invite proud parents of LGBTQI+ children (all ages), from all backgrounds, to stand up and come out publicly as Proud Parents so we can celebrate them and their love for their LGBTQI+ children.

On social media, using the hashtag #OutAndProudParentsDay, we ask parents to share videos, photos or messages from themselves affirming their love and acceptance towards their LGBTQI+ child. By using the hashtag #OutAndProudParentsDay in each post we can bring all the messages together to help create a huge wave of positive love and LGBTQI+ acceptance.

What’s the objective?
The objective of the day is to create parental role models within communities, to help inspire other parents of LGBTQI+ children to become more understanding and accepting of their own children.

Any parent who needs a help, guidance, or a positive role model can follow the #OutAndProudParentsDay to meet and learn from a growing number of proud parents.

In 2021 we reached nearly 1.7 million people with the annual campaign.


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30th July 2023





Naz and Matt Foundation
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