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Love is Love: Let’s Talk About Consent

Join our host Deenah for a Q&A with sex educator Makenzie Marts. We’re talking inclusivity, queerness and consent in relationships!

Did you know that foreplay is sunnah? Or that Islam is actually a sex-positive religion?

Much of the shame that shrouds sexuality is cultural in nature, rather than religious. The truth is, rarely are sex and relationships talked about openly and without shame or embarrassment. This isn’t limited to religious circles either – and a lack of education and information about sex can mean that even in queer circles, there’s a lot for us to learn.

As part of LGBT History Month, Hidayah LGBT is hosting a series of events called ‘Love is Love’, focusing on love and intimacy and how queer Muslims experience this. Our event is focused on the importance of consent in sexual relationships.

Consent is central to having a healthy relationship, and our very own Deenah al-Aqsa (journalist, activist and Hidayah’s Programmes Officer) will be breaking it down in a Q&A with Makenzie Marts. Makenzie is a queer sex educator who advocates for inclusivity and openness in sex education. We’ll be talking about the often shambolic nature of sex ed when we experienced it not so long ago, and how to be responsible and safe in pursuing relationships. And we’ll be discussing the relevance of this conversation for queer people of faith.

This event is open to everyone – Hidayah is dedicated to queer Muslims but we also warmly welcome allies to our events!

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February 19 • 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm





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