Designing Futures for Women and LGBTQ+ People

Help Us Design a Brighter Future for Women and Queer Communities!

🌟 Welcome to Studio Lutalica’s next chapter as a Community Interest Company (CIC)! 🌟

In these challenging times, our mission to amplify feminist and queer initiatives is more vital than ever. With your support, we can expand our impact, empower more voices, and challenge inequality through powerful, inclusive design. Our decision to convert to a CIC was driven by a desire to formalise our commitment to our community by legally putting all of our assets and profits back into LGBTQ+ and feminist groups.

Who We Are

We are Studio Lutalica, a dynamic team of creatives united by a mission to innovate and advocate through design. Our work is driven by a deep understanding of the communities we serve, ensuring that every project not only speaks but resonates loudly and clearly. Our portfolio is a testament to the transformative power of design when it’s wielded by those who live the experiences it seeks to change.

Support Our Mission to Empower Marginalised Voices

At Studio Lutalica, we are dedicated to amplifying the voices of feminist and LGBTQ+ organisations through professional design services. To create a sustainable framework for our future pro bono work, we need your support.

Find out more and support our Crowdfunder campaign here:

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