Pride in Gloucestershire included in Bids Announced for EuroPride 2027

Today, the European Pride Organisers Association announced the list of cities bidding to host EuroPride 2027.
Joining Pride in Gloucestershire are Turin, Torremolinos, and Vilnius.

EuroPride is licensed to a different Pride/Host city each year, this year it takes place in June in Thessaloniki,
Greece, and next year in Lisbon, but in recent years, it has been held in Copenhagen, Malta, Vienna and
Belgrade, with the last one held in the UK being London in 2012. The event can last up to 2 weeks and involve a
festival, march, Human Rights Conference and an array of LGBTQ+ arts and culture activities and can attract
over 100,000 people from across the globe.

Whilst each organisation has five months to complete their bids and be ready for publication on 8th September,
Pride in Gloucestershire is confident in presenting a competitive and meaningful case to bring this prestigious
global event to Gloucestershire and the UK.

Pride in Gloucestershire spokesperson Richard Stevens (he/him) commented,

“2027 will mark 15 years since EuroPride was last held in the UK. The UK, once known for its strong LGBTI+
credentials, has seen a continuous decline in not only its international standing but also community confidence
and fear from a rise in hate crime and the creeping influence of extremists.

With Gloucestershire’s reputation for hosting world-class events coupled with our reputation for being inclusive
and community-focussed across a whole region, we feel that we will be able to deliver a EuroPride with the
impact that empowers the LGBTI+ community not just in the UK but across the whole of Europe.”

Lenny Emson (he/him), President of the European Pride Organisers Association which licenses EuroPride, said:

“With the increase in right-wing and far-right governments and politicians across Europe, Pride events are
becoming ever more important as an opportunity for the LGBTI+ community to come together and show their
strength in numbers and togetherness. EuroPride continues to grow in importance and as a stand against the
weaponisation of LGBTI+ rights in politics wherever it takes place.”

EuroPride has the ability to enact change and directly improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people. The Gloucestershire
team says that even though they expect this to generate at least £30m directly for the local economy, using this
opportunity to create a true legacy for LGBTQ+ people is their primary focus.

Whilst their plans must be kept under wraps until September, the Pride in Gloucestershire team welcomes any
interest from people, organisations or businesses interested in getting involved in either supporting their bid or
playing their part should their bid be successful.

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