2023 Winner Positive Role Model Award: LGBT and Certificate of Achievement for Open House

Oasis Open House received a Certificate of Achievement from the National Diversity Awards, whilst Oasis Open House founder, Dave Moreton, was announced the Winner of the National Diversity Positive Role Model Award for LGBT.

The nominees include an array of charities, campaigners, and activists, each dedicated to combating injustice and discrimination in their unique ways. Oasis Open House, a cornerstone initiative from Oasis Church Waterloo, was shortlisted for the Community Organisation Award for Race, Religion & Faith. Open House provides a secure and supportive space for LGBTQI+ individuals to share their stories without fear of judgment, offering hope to those navigating the intersection of faith, sexuality, and gender identity.

Dave Moreton, a dedicated member of the Oasis team, was the winner of the Positive Role Model Award for LGBT. Over two decades, Dave’s unwavering commitment has positioned him as a fervent advocate for the safety and integration of LGBT+ individuals within the church community. His pivotal role in transforming Oasis Church Waterloo has fostered an environment of acceptance and support that resonates far beyond its congregation.

We were also pleased that Steve Chalke, the visionary founder of Oasis UK and former pastor of Oasis Church Waterloo, secured a spot on the shortlist for the Positive Role Model Award for Race, Religion & Faith. Throughout his journey, Steve has consistently championed inclusivity and social justice by establishing a network of inclusive community churches across the UK. Oasis Church Waterloo, under his guidance, has flourished into a vibrant hub of community services, including a children’s centre, primary and secondary schools, a food bank, a debt advice centre, a community farm, and various youth work schemes.

Nathan Jones (he/him) Senior Minister Oasis Church Waterloo said:
“I’m delighted for Dave, for Steve, and for the whole Open House team. Almost every Sunday at Oasis Church Waterloo, someone who identifies as LGBT+ will speak to me about how much it means to them to be fully included and welcomed in a church, often for the first time ever, and so much of that is due to the work that Dave, Steve, and the Open House team have done, over many years. They totally deserve the recognition these nominations will give them.”

Dave commented, “This shortlisting is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Oasis Waterloo and Open House team. We have created a community committed to making a positive impact. This award sends a powerful message – there’s no shame in embracing your LGBTQI+ identity. Regardless of your faith, know that our Divine parent embraces and cherishes you just as you are.”

A record-breaking 90,000 people were nominated this year with 120 nominees being recognised for their various achievements nationwide. The evening kicked off with the founder of the National Diversity Awards (NDAs) Paul Sesay, discussing their importance.

“I never fail to be amazed by the sheer brilliance of our nominees,” said Paul. “This evening signifies a melting pot of talent, commitment, community spirit and not a little bravery from across the UK. Today we recognise charities and role models and shine a spotlight on their incredible, selfless and tireless contributions to society.”

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