Research into experiences of conversion practices in minoritised communities

Circular3 is a management consultancy working on improving ethnic minority representation and participation in the development of legislation, public policy and service design.

They have been working to try and ensure the voices of LGBTQIA+ people from ethnic and religious minority communities are captured and heard in the development of the proposed ban on Conversion ‘Therapy’ in England and Scotland.

Research commissioned by the UK Government so far, shows that ethnic minority people are more than twice as likely as white people to have been offered conversion ‘therapy’. The National LGBT Survey 2017, which had responses from over 108,000 LGBT people in the UK, found that Black/African/Caribbean/black British (13%) and Asian/Asian British (14%) respondents, and respondents belonging to an ‘other’ ethnic group (15%), were more likely than white (7%) respondents to have undergone or been offered conversion therapy.[1] The incidence was higher amongst transgender respondents from ethnic and religious minorities.

Despite this data, no research has been done, so far to understand the depth, breath and impact of Conversion Practices (CP) in these communities. The work that has been done (including the National LGBT survey), has not successfully included representative data from different ethnic or religious minority communities.

Circular3 are trying to correct this by undertaking research to understand and give voice to people within ethnic and religious minority communities to understand what form CP takes in ethnic and religious minority communities, understand what needs to be in the CP bans to ensure equal protection, other policies need from government to help end CP in ethnic and religious minority communities, how to provide culturally appropriate safe alternatives to CP.

This research and advocacy are important because: of the mental health and wellbeing impact of CP; the social and racial justice importance of effective representation of ethnic minority communities in developing legislation that will disproportionately affect their communities; And a queer history and heritage issue, to avoid erasure and document the experiences of ethnic minority LGBTQIA+ people.

Circular3 would like to connect with grassroots organisations that work with ethnic and religious minority LGBTQIA+ people, to assist us in ensuring all parts of our communities are reached and given a chance to participate. They would like to hear from you if your organisation works in any ethnic or religious minority communities. Please get in touch with Patrick Ogunmuyiwa on 07956889782 or [email protected]

[1] Mike Freer: House of Commons – Written Answers – Women and Equalities Monday 28 March 2022

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