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Welcome to our Pride Season Blog, where we will be sharing content from the Consortium Team throughout the coming months, so please check back!


“We are a few days into Pride Month, and we want to wish everyone near and far a very safe and prosperous Pride Season. However, we are aware that there are many of us who cannot ‘come out’ to live boldly in their sexuality and/or gender identities for many reasons, which is sad. During this time, it may be triggering for some, so please, take good care of yourself and, if possible, surround yourself with people who love and appreciate you. We also want to add for those in that position – that you are valid, worthy, and are seen exactly for who you are!”


Briony Williamson (she/her)
Head of Membership and Engagement

“Several weeks into Pride Season now and whilst we have all had some challenges to deal with, I have been blown away by the positive energy and spirit of our sector and of our LGBT+ communities. Pride is still a protest and our queer joy is a powerful act of resistance, so take it wherever and whenever you find it. I am looking forward to participating in more joyful resistance with our members this summer!”


Laura Clarke (she/her)
National LGBT+ Partnership Coordinator

“Pride is a protest. But protest can take many forms and I am a firm believer in joy as protest. This month, through all the challenges and difficulties sent the way of the queer community, I have seen folk fly rainbows from their windows. I have walked behind girls in the street, holding hands, and laughing in unison. I’ve sat in the cinema and watched Disney’s first same-gender kiss in ‘Lightyear’. And every time my heart swelled with pride and I remembered why I do this job. So that our joy, our protest, can continue. And so that hopefully, one day, that same joy can exist without controversy. I hope you have all found joy this Pride.”


Helen Bowie (she/her)
Head of Partnerships and Development

“Whatever pride season means to you I hope it offers you a chance to reflect and replenish your energy through protest, through celebration and through community. Pride season offers a spotlight on the incredible achievements, and ongoing fights, which make up our communities all year round. I hope it can also be a beacon of hope for anybody who is struggling, to show that you are not alone and there will always be a place for you.”


Shaan Knan (he/him)

Trans Organisations Network Officer

“Pride is a time for celebration, reflection and protest for LGBT+ communities. It is also a fantastic opportunity to show solidarity and allyship for each other’s causes. During the summer months, several UK towns and cities host their own “Trans Pride,” and in cases where the invitation is extended to the broader community, it is important to take action: attend, volunteer, donate, spread positive messages on social media, and help ensure that everyone has a safe and empowering Pride experience!”
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