The Sunday Boys are expanding!

The Sunday Boys – Manchester’s open access low voiced LGBTQ+ choir – are looking for potential partners in Greater Manchester and across the North West to help set up satellite choirs promoting excellent open access singing opportunities for queer people.

We know access to high quality singing experience that are bespoke to queer people can be challenging to come by in some areas and we are looking to support formation of new choirs – with training opportunities for local music leaders and music creators – in our region.

Whilst we are a low voice choir, we want to be led by potential new participants and partners in terms of what we can do to support: we are not necessarily looking to replicate what we do, but support queer people who want to make music and sing together.

A key aspect of our work is commissioning new bespoke queer music for open access choirs and this is something we are also keen to expand into these satellite choirs – creating a queer choral canon for the 21st century celebrating the wide range of experiences in our community through ensemble singing.

You can find out more about The Sunday Boys here: and to discuss further please contact Artistic Director Michael Betteridge on: [email protected]

Watch a documentary about filming ‘Distant Dream’ in collaboration with The Lowry –

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