LGBT+ Experiences During Covid-19










The National Centre for Social Research, with the support of Consortium, Intercom Trust, LGBT Foundation and Stonewall, is undertaking research to better understand what support can be provided to the UK LGBT+ voluntary and community sector to address the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. This project is being funded by the ESRC.

A report has been published today, which is a review of evidence on the experiences of LGBT+ communities in Britain during the pandemic.

The loss of safe and supportive spaces and peer groups and disruption to LGBT+ services have impacted on the wellbeing and safety of UK LGBT+ communities. Trans and younger LGBT+ people have reported being more likely to self-harm and attempt or think about suicide due to increased feelings of isolation and reduced access to mental health services during the pandemic. Trans participants have reported that reduced access to medication and transition-related care have exacerbated gender dysphoria and mental health difficulties.

There is a need to explore the experiences of LGBT+ people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities and LGBT+ people of colour, as well as LGBT+ disabled people, for which there are significant evidence gaps. This project is working towards generating solutions to create stronger, sustainable and resilient LGBT+ communities.

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