Getting to know our Acting Chair, Carina

One of the joys of being part of the Consortium family is seeing the impact we have across the sector. Whether that be from Consortium’s grant-giving work, or its support for Members in numerous ways, both seen and unseen. I joined Consortium as a trustee in 2019. I am passionate about infrastructure work and immensely proud to play a part in the valuable work of Consortium in supporting LGBT+ communities. It can feel – particularly at the moment – that the onslaught of challenges is unrelenting. Yet I do believe we are stronger when we come together, and I see that so clearly in Consortium’s mission and work. One of my favourite aspects of being a trustee is reading the annual Insight Report, and the reports and case studies following a grant-giving round. I am naturally curious and get a great deal of pleasure finding out what Members around the country are up to!

I have a long history working as a Solicitor. I used to tell myself that my mother wanted me to be a lawyer and I had little choice in the matter.  I confess that’s not entirely true – in later life I have come to make friends with my inner governance and regulatory geek. I enjoy pouring over Constitutional documents, the finer points of data protection law and a nicely-constructed contract.  Nor is my legal background all I have to offer. Life is a journey, and my journey has had some bends in the road. I bring with me all those twists and turns: legal knowledge and skills, experience of working with young people, experience of working and volunteering in LGBT+ communities, coaching, passion and training for mental and emotional wellbeing. Being a trustee is a legal responsibility but also deeply rewarding.

So who am I?  I am passionate about ecotherapy and spend a great deal of time worrying about climate change. I was indoctrinated from a young age to support Spurs, which I have found to be a lifelong exercise in patience and resilience. I am often found trampling in woodland undergrowth foraging for edibles accompanied by Olive, my exceedingly patient Labrador. My favourite meal is toast with real butter, and a decent cup of tea. I love Marmite. I am a lesbian. I am a governance geek. I love Star Trek (TNG) and West Wing. I am an intersectional feminist. I am someone friends turn to for a non-judgemental, friendly ear. I am also a good person to have in a pub quiz team only if there is a round on Capital Cities.  We have a challenging year ahead, but I am excited about future developments for our sector.

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