How Do I Tell My Kids?

‘How do I tell my kids?’ is a question we at FFLAG have been asked so many times by lesbian, gay, bi and trans people. We don’t know the answer! We have looked for organisations that have booklets offering information and support around coming out to your children and straight partners. We know that families and individuals find it really helpful to be able to read about how others have coped in similar situations. Our current booklets ‘How Do I Tell My Parents?’ and ‘A Guide for Family and Friends’ are hugely popular and have been downloaded from our website thousands of times.

We are planning a booklet offering support on how to come out to children and partners but we need your help. So how did you tell your kids? Your partner? Please feel free to write and share whatever you feel would be helpful – the good, the bad, the hopes, the fears. All responses will be treated in confidence. Any quotes used in the booklet will be anonymised.

Please send us your stories, anecdote, quotes or for more information contact Sorrel (for coming out as lesbian, goy or bi) or Sarah (for coming out as trans or non-binary) at: [email protected]

Thank you very much!

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