Consortium of LGBT Voluntary & Community Organisations

Consortium stands strong at the centre of the LGBT+ voluntary and community sector. Members are the heart of our work and our focus is supporting them to have sustainable futures, so that LGBT+ people in need have access to the best support possible.

Here’s how we work to build a stronger LGBT third sector:

Membership & Engagement

Support and benefit our Members to thrive and grow

  • Reflect the changing envionment of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in our membership offering
  • To be a broker of collaboration opportunities beyond the UK for our Members
  • To support our Members’ long term sustainability

Voice & Communication

Listen and consult with our Members and ensure their voices are heard

  • To improve awareness of diversity within the sector and visibility to the wider community
  • To be an effective broker between our Members, decisions makers and influencers
  • To have a working model of collaboration within the sector and between our Members and decisions makers

Collaboration & Networks

Lead the sector in sustainable ways of working

  • To nurture current partnerships and to build on their success to shape model of good practice
  • Diversify and grow income streams to the sector
  • Identify remaining gaps in the sector to fully meet its needs

Consortium is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.

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