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With hate crimes against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people more than doubling in the last 5 years, Rankin and Switchboard are launching a loud and proud campaign to raise awareness of Switchboard, the LGBT+ Helpline, across the UK.

Creative agency Rankin has teamed up with Switchboard, the LGBT+ Helpline, to launch a three-part, national campaign that will help spread the word of Switchboard’s ‘Safe Space’ to LGBT+ people in all corners of the country, especially areas with poor representation or high incidence of hate crimes.

This month, new analysis from The Guardian revealed that homophobic hate crimes have more than doubled since 2014 across England and Wales and transphobic attacks have trebled over the same period. This distressing statistic is a wake up call for the country and highlights the need for a bigger, widespread movement. The new campaign launched by Rankin and Switchboard aims to reach people affected by these crimes and other LGBT+ issues, letting them know that Switchboard is a ‘Safe Space’ that they can reach out to.

Get ready for a head-turning, high-impact campaign – would you expect any less from Rankin, the creative agency launched by the legendary British photographer and director? The first of three phases, which launches 6th July to coincide with Pride in London, will plaster buses, billboards, magazines and more. The campaign will include some of the questions the Switchboard volunteers are most commonly asked, such as “How can I come out if I’m not sure what I identify as?” and “Where can I meet people like me?” The aim is to raise awareness of Switchboard, a helpline that operates via phone, email and instant message, on a wider national scale. It’s about spreading the message that Switchboard is a Safe Space for anyone to get in touch with a like-minded volunteer and discuss topics relating to LGBT+ life with no judgement and in total confidentiality. Specifically, the campaign wants to reach people who may live in areas with low representation or high levels of hate crime, making sure that nobody in the LGBT+ community needs to feel alone or isolated. Switchboard is a Safe Space for LGBT+ and with this campaign they want to make the rest of the country one also.

Natasha Walker, Co-Chair of Switchboard, said: “In another five years, Switchboard will be 50 and we don’t want to see a doubling again of these deeply troubling figures. With increased levels of isolation and loneliness, the need for Switchboard is ever-present. It’s these people that we want to reach with the Safe Space campaign, showing that we’re a national service focused on supporting those who need it most. The Safe Space is all about creating a confidential, non-judgemental atmosphere where someone can speak to a volunteer who’s a member of the LGBT+ community and voice whatever’s on their mind. Whether they’re calling about an issue that’s affecting them directly or someone else they care about, we’re here 10am to 10pm, 365 days a year.”

Jordan Rossi, Director & Producer at Rankin said: “Switchboard is such a fantastic organization, charity and concept and we are in awe of the work they do. We want to spread their reach and positive impact across the UK — beyond London and out to the people who may feel isolated, alienated and alone. As an agency we’ll always be proud representatives of the LGBT+ community and nothing gets our creative juices flowing more than a charitable cause. This campaign marks the first part of a three-part collaboration with Switchboard, with more exciting phases of activation to come, so watch this (Safe) Space.”

The Safe Space campaign launches 6th July. If you want to get in touch with Switchboard to talk with one of their volunteers about any LGBT+ related issues, you can do so via phone on: 0300 330 0630, email at: [email protected], or via instant messaging at:

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