Solidarity Kitchen Café CIC


Our Mission is to provide a safe meeting space for the local community to gather, work, eat together and offer practical support. A place to create connections of mutual aid and growth. Cooking and providing nutritious vegan food on a pay as you feel basis and offering a diverse range of activities to support grassroots initiatives.

We believe that everyone has value and we welcome each person’s contribution. A nourishing environment encourages growth of individuals and community. A welcoming space for all is intrinsic to the success of this project. With our landlord, Birmingham Friends of the Earth, we share the values of environmental sustainability (vegan food, strict recycling, waste composting), mutual aid and grassroots cooperation.

Our Aim is to hold a food centred space that encourages the sharing of skills, resources, expertise and stories. To cross pollinate knowledge of healthy practices and life skills that will enrich the greater community, encourage personal growth, reclaim personal power and offer practical support . We are offering various creative workshops during the day, we encourage our users to reclaim their own power by offering their own workshops, with our material help. We believe,everyone has skills to share and teach others.

We are Teaming up with the Outside project to help the cafe grow. They are planning on bringing cafe queero that was successfully running pre-pandemic in their community space in London.

Services provided for

  1. All LGBT+ Communities
  2. Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnicities
  3. Non-UK Residents

Key areas of work

  1. Advice/Information
  2. Arts
  3. Infrastructure/Community Development
  4. Self-help/Support Group
  5. Training
  6. Volunteering

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Opening Hours

Mondays 11-5

Meeting Times

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