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The Rees Foundation is a registered Charity (1154019) founded by Jan Rees OBE in October 2013 to support care leavers and care experienced individuals and communities across the UK, for as long as there is a need.

The Rees Foundation is continuing to break new ground in developing a range of After-Care services, regional peer networks, creative activities, adventures, projects and financial support for care leavers and care experienced people; age is not a barrier to engagement. Working in partnership with care leavers and care experienced people, local authorities, VCS, other stakeholders to help inform and influence policy and best practice.

We encourage care leavers/care experienced people to join our membership to help us to grow a network of care experienced individuals and communities.

We empower the Voices of care leavers/care experienced people and are part of the difference in challenging discrimination and stigma care experienced face.

The Rees Foundation’s philosophy is a strength-based model, co-creating and championing services, projects and interventions with and for care leavers/care experienced people.

To empower and inspire others to effect social change and improve policy and practice.

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